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Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked

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plazmaPlay the most fun and interesting shooting game, Plazma Burst 2. Choose between 3 difficult levels, easy, medium and hard, and use your best skills, reflects, aiming and stealth to finish every level as you meet enemies on your way. Don't take it easy on them, shoot them with your best weapons and make everything explode in a bloody action scene. You can change your weapons to adapt to the situation, and you can also customize your character the way you want. If you feel like showing off your personality and true skills in multi player mode, you can go and play with some other users. But this is more than an average action game. You must also use your brain to develop a quick and efficient strategy. Hide behind rocks, jump over gaps, blow up explosive barrels and retreat if necessary. The map design allows players to explore their creativity in this endless and fun video game. You can also try Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked at our official website the most interesting and exciting part unblocked hacked version which is full of new levels and much more possibilities. Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked is among the best flash shooter game. Your hero, Robot, is equiped with a couple of weapons,pistol, knife, assault rifle, and you will be able to upgrade every single weapons. To upgrade your weapon and warrior, all you need to do is earn money while playing this game. The main mission of the game Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked is to destroy the enemies and try to get the time machine to prevent coming of thousands alien invaders or usurpers. This time around, the game has been made even more interesting and catchy. New weapons and more interesting levels have been added. The lovers and fans of shooters and beginners too won't remain indifferent. Gameplay in the second part of the action-shooter hasn't changed too much-you still kill enemies then collect the achievements which buy ayou can use to improve weapons in between levels.

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